What’s the Opposite of Social Distancing?

What’s the Opposite of Social Distancing?

Coming home from Uganda a week ago, I found myself within the government’s advised self isolation period, and so here our family is, adjusting like so many of you are to a different rhythm: together, but different. Like you, we find ourselves looking for new ways to connect in the midst of this new barrier.

This past trip, as so many of you saw, we celebrated one of the most incredible accomplishments I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of, made possible, of course, because so many of you made big acts of love, generosity and hope so that the community of Kogabi could have clean, fresh water, hand washing stations, and safe latrines. There was hope for a brighter future, there was love and generosity and there was community. It felt like the best parts of a wedding reception, it was the opposite of social distancing. As Uganda braces for the virus, those taps and those handwashing stations that you helped us provide will be ever more critical. They will save lives.

Little boys showing what the opposite of social distancing is

Today our friends in Uganda brace for COVID-19. Their plans, just like yours, are changing constantly but what we hope to do is flood these communities with free soap, and radio broadcast our message of handwashing and hygiene as proactive measures to build off of the clean water you’ve helped provide. The fundamentals are the same as what you and I are doing right now, the tactics just look a bit different. 

This will take resources we do not have and so, we are looking to you to help us connect in this way. A Board Member right now is matching gifts, if you’re able to give: HERE.

Sunday, March 22nd is World Water Day. It’s a critical way to connect, through love, generosity and hope during a season of distancing, just like you’ve done with us before. Your gift today will help our friends in Uganda flatten the curve through soap and sanitation practices – just like here.

Please join us so that together, we may all connect a little more, even while staying physically distant. 

Thanks so much,

– Jeff

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