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Jeff Golby

CEO – Canada

As a father of two little ones, I can’t imagine how devastating it would be to watch my children struggle with the daily effects of water poverty. Knowing the impact clean water can have on a child like mine’s life motivates me every day to build on the legacy that Acts for Water has as one of Canada’s oldest water charities. Being Acts for Water’s CEO allows me to take my background in fundraising, charity law and technology start-ups to help even more Canadians partner with our Ugandan team to provide clean, accessible water: for life.


Rawlings Akamanya

Engineer, Program Support – Uganda

Rawlings has been working with Acts for Water since 2014. His passion and knowledge of the benefits of clean, accessible water help him ensure the systems we build are not only a masterpiece of engineering, but that we are conducting systematic, rigorous monitoring and evaluation on the impact and lifespan of these systems to ensure they deliver the full benefits of clean water to the community for generations.

Athens Atuhaire

Education Officer & Donor Support – Uganda

Athens has been working with Acts for Water since 2010. Her role ensures Acts supporters know the impact they are having on the lives of our friends in Uganda. She also manages our education program, selecting students for sponsorship, visiting schools and ensuring reporting is completed.

Tracey DeGraaf

Director of International Programs – Canada

Tracey brings over 20 years of experience in designing, implementing and overseeing the monitoring and evaluation of our clean water programs. She joined Acts for Water in 2017 and is a critical part of our leadership team. She believes that it’s not enough to just show clean water coming out of the taps, we have to be able to prove the impact with real, results-based management.

Lisa Beiderwieden

Marketing & Operations Manager

Lisa joined the Acts for Water team in 2020 with over 15 years’ experience in administration, debriefing and management in the non-profit world. She has a deep passion for cultures and working collaboratively with others in all stages of life. Having witnessed the impact of clean water in a number of communities around the world, she loves being a supportive hand and strategic mind for Acts in the areas of administration, operations and education.

Ben Henze

Marketing Coordinator

Ben Joined the Acts for Water team for the summer in 2021, and now is continuing to work part time as he continues his studies at UBC.  Ben has a passion for both the human and numbers side of Act’s work, and loves finding new and innovative ways to portray both to the donors and the rest of the team.

Friecca Kurniawan

Administration Support

After more than 15 years being a tax professional, Friecca pursued her calling to join the non-profit industry as a way to give back to the community. She joined Acts for Water in late 2019. Not easily having access to clean water during her childhood, the mission of Acts hit close to home for her. With years of experience dealing with numbers, details, clients and stakeholders, Friecca gives the best support for Acts and its donors to collaborate in giving clean water to the communities and is proud to be a part of this team to bring water to those in need.

Hildah Katusiime

Administrative Officer – Uganda

Hildah ensures administration in Uganda is run efficiently and with full transparency. She joined Acts for Water in 2014 and works with our Canadian Accountants to ensure that every dollar that is spent is tracked and monitored against a detailed budget.

Richard Musinguzi

Programs Manager – Uganda

Richard has been working with Acts for Water for nearly two decades, moving up the ranks to oversee all our programming in the field. He provides leadership, guidance and strategy for our programming to ensure they are run as effectively as possible.

Edward Mugabe

Foreman – Uganda

Edward oversees our Construction Team to ensure projects are done on time and on budget. He’s a cooperative team member and enjoys leading others in prayers and enjoys farming.

Edward Batuze

Foreman – Uganda

Edward oversees our Construction Team to ensure projects are done on time and on budget. He’s very efficient at whatever he’s working on and enjoys farming when he’s not at work.

Kenneth Turyahebwa

Water Technician – Uganda

Kenneth works to connect pipes, builds gravity flow systems and helps to ensure Acts for Water can deliver on our promise. He is hard working and outgoing and enjoys spending time with his family.

Gordon Ahebwe

Water Technician – Uganda

Gordon works to connect pipes, builds gravity flow systems and helps to ensure Acts for Water can deliver on our promise. Gordon is calm, hard working and enjoys spending time with his family.

Asaph Katungi

Water Technician & Water Quality – Uganda

Asaph works to connect pipes, completes water quality testing of various water samples selected and builds Gravity Flow Systems. He has very good time management and always approaches projects with flexibility.

Isreal Ahimbisibwe

Camp Security & Construction Team – Uganda

Isreal ensures the safety of Acts for Water property and people on project construction sites. He is a collaborative team member and enjoys farming outside of work.

Yorokamu Mbahikiri

Camp Security & Construction Team – Uganda

Yorokamu ensures the safety of Acts for Water property and people on project construction sites. He is always in a good mood, welcoming and a great team player.

Rachel Ashemereire

Water Health and Sanitation Education – Uganda

Rachel leads and coordinates the Water Health and Sanitation (WASH) team to effectively equip community members. She is warm, welcoming, and collaborative. Rachel also enjoys listening to gospel music and reading novels.

Edith Kyomugisha

Cook – Uganda

Edith prepares meals for the team members at camp and ensures proper water hygiene is maintained in the kitchen. She is calm and hard working. She enjoys farming, tailoring and learning about computers.

Richard Byaruhanga

Mobilization – Uganda

Richard works to rally hundreds of local volunteers needed to build each Gravity Flow System, assigning roles and schedules for volunteer suppport. He keeps the team lively and plays a key role in uniting the team, particularly as the camp DJ.

John Muhwezi

Security Guard – Uganda

John ensures the safety of people and property at the Acts for Water Uganda office. He’s also responsible for the maintenance of the Acts’ Uganda office. He is loyal, hardworking and respectful. He enjoys watching soccer, especially when Chelsea FC is playing.

Ambrose Bigaba

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer – Uganda

Ambrose supports monitoring and evaluation by gathering and analyzing field data. The information that Ambrose gathers tells what kind of impact our projects are having on people’s lives, and how we can do it better! Ambrose loves being with the Acts Uganda team and spending time with family.


Ed Brett

Marketing Executive

Inspired by a presentation given at his church, Ed sought out involvement with Acts for Water and has served on our board as both member and chair. As Acts has grown, Ed has been able to apply his passion for good Governance, his experience in Marketing and his business strategy to shape Acts’ direction.

Tanniar Leba

CEO Capacity Building Group

Tanniar is a multilingual visionary leader, entrepreneur and capacity builder. He brings a commitment to the non-profit, private and public sector, along with his experience in Capacity Building and coaching African Entrepreneurs to our board.

Jocelyn Kwok

Nonprofit Professional

Jocelyn currently serves as our Board Chair and has a passion for international development, having seen first hand the impact access to clean water has on a community. She brings fundraising acumen and experience with donor relationships to our team.

Dean Dalke


As an Acts for Water intern in 1999, Dean saw first-hand the impact that clean, accessible water has on the lives of Ugandans. After completing his legal studies, he joined the Board in 2005 to help ensure Acts’ legacy would be stewarded well in the next chapter of our growth. As a partner at a large corporate law firm, he brings critical analysis and discernment to the Board.

Liam Robinson

Project / Operations Manager

Liam has a big heart for Africa and is excited by the uniqueness of Acts for Water’s holistic, thorough approach to each Gravity Flow System. As the owner of a civil construction company, he brings a background in construction and operations to assess Acts’ ongoing projects and a passion for sustainable development, a key reason he joined the Board.

Jaeda Lee


Jaeda spent nine years in post-secondary school, and never once was inhibited by access to clean water and sanitation. She joined the board to help give this gift of education back to the women and young girls that aren’t able to attend school because they are required to fetch water. Jaeda works as a lawyer at Harper-Grey and brings her driven, detail oriented and passionate approach to law to her work on the Board of Acts for Water.

James Colburn

Business Owner / CEO

James has a thirst to deliver water to those in need. Not only does he serve on our board, but he also runs a beverage company. Through a partnership with Acts for Water and ‘Choose To Give’, James was able to see the work Acts does in Uganda firsthand and was hooked.  He came on our board shortly afterward so he could help keep this good work flowing.  James and his wife live in Fort Langley with their two daughters. They love spending time on Salt Spring Island and enjoying doing outdoor activities as a family, especially skiing and swimming.

Alvina Wong


From carrying the bright orange UNICEF box as a child to volunteering at the 2010 Olympics, Alvina has had a steady involvement with volunteering and nonprofits. She developed a heart for humanitarian work following extensive travels in Southeast Asia, and brings over 10 years of nonprofit experience  and her strategic communications skills to the Acts for Water board. She lives in Port Moody with her husband Jonathan, and loves replicating dishes from her favourite restaurants.

Dale Barkman

Chartered Accountant

In his career as a Chartered Accountant, Dale has worked with several clients in the charitable sector and as his knowledge of what’s important to them grew, so did his own passion for alleviating poverty in the world. Joining the Acts’ board, he brings a wealth of experience serving on voluntary boards and committees for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. Dale and his wife Linda have two children (currently working with charities assisting the poor and disadvantaged), as well 3 grandchildren.

Our values

We are motivated by our faith in Jesus and the belief that everyone, regardless of where they live, deserves the foundational human right to the benefits of clean water.
No strings attached.

Sustainable Development

You are investing in solutions for the long term so that this gift of water can truly transform a generation. Give today.

Hungry, Humble & Smart

We are committed to investing in monitoring and evaluating our work so that we continually improve our projects to get the greatest return possible. Please tell us how we can do our work better.

Partnership First

This is a team sport and we strive to make everyone feel like they belong. From donors to villagers and everyone in between. Come join our team. 


We believe we’re stewards, not owners, of what has been entrusted to us. And it’s this belief that motivates us to hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability. Ask us anything.

We treat every dollar as being hard-earned, and selflessly given by the donor for us to steward on their behalf.

It’s an act of trust. No gift is taken for granted and our posture of gratitude motivates us to work hard to achieve this impact. This means we work hard to stretch each dollar to have the biggest impact so that more people will receive a clean, accessible and reliable water source in their lifetime.

Learn more about where your money is being spent.

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Acts for Water is an accredited member of
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Our books are audited by Loewen Kruse, and we are committed
to the highest standards of financial transparency.

Give the gift of time, give the gift of water.


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