Our Mission

Freeing Ugandans from disease and needless labour through access to
clean water.

Our Values


Freedom is intrinsic to all we do at ACTS. Water is freedom—liberating people from the drudgery of hard labour and the fear of disease, providing opportunities for education, health, and gender equality.


Trust is the foundation on which ACTS builds relationships and communities both at home and internationally. ACTS values openness and dialogue in all we do, from fundraising to designing water systems.

Our Team

ACTS is made up of people motivated by a desire to join God in his work renewing hearts, bodies and communities with acts of compassion and restoration.

Nate Lepp
Executive Director


A “Meaning Maker” at heart, Nate connects the vision and strategy of ACTS with the people involved by nurturing relationships and building connections with donors, supporters and partners. He took the reins as Executive Director in the spring of 2014. When he’s not in the office, he tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors: hunting, fishing, hiking, sailing, you name it.

Rawlings Akamanya
Field Engineer


Rawlings began working with ACTS in September 2014. As ACTS Field Engineer, he audits past ACTS projects while providing support for our ongoing work in Uganda. Rawlings has a Civil Engineering degree from Makerere University in Kampala, and when he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his wife Olivah and their newborn daughter Kukunda.

Athens Atuhaire
Education Officer


Athens manages our education program, selecting students for sponsorship, visiting their schools, and making sure they fill out their reports. She’s been working with ACTS since 2010. She works speedily (when asked) and loves watching the English Premier League and playing cards.

Joel Bentley
Operations & Communications Lead


Joel keeps our office running smoothly, while getting his hands on as many stories from the field to share as he can. He joined our team in September 2014, but has worked with Nate previously helping charities utilize the web for fundraising at Peer Giving. He is an avid reader who loves photography and travelling with his wife.

Jeff Golby
Director of Resource Development


Jeff helps people hear about and take part in the transformative work that ACTS has been undertaking in Uganda for over 20 years. He brings plenty of experience to his role, from serving on charity boards to most recently playing a crucial role with Chimp’s Business Development team. Outside of work he spends time with his wife and one-year-old son in their Steveston community.

Hildah Katusiime
Administrative Officer


Hildah runs “Canada House,” our office in Uganda, administering funds, organizing project accounts and ensuring reports are completed. She began working with ACTS in the spring of 2014. She loves travelling and dancing, so long as neither activity involves balloons, which she has a small fear of (she always feels they’re about to burst).

Boaz Muhangi
Community Water Governance and Management Specialist


Boaz joined our team in November 2014 and works with local communities to ensure that our water projects are properly maintained and governed. Every project is a partnership, and Boaz ensures these partnerships are thriving. He has a background in project planning and community development, is married with three kids, and loves soccer and movies.

Richard Musinguzi
Project Manager


Richard has been working with ACTS on our water projects for over a decade now, moving up the ranks to become the head of our Ugandan construction team in 2012. He’s a strong leader, a shrewd decision maker, and a warm presence on our team. When he’s not working, he spends time with his wife and five children (including twins!) and watching soccer.

Richard Roberts
Program Manager


Richard ensures our projects in the field are kept on track, coordinating project construction and reporting back on how funding has been used. He’s been an ACTS staff member since 2004, but his involvement stretches back to the 80s as a volunteer, board member and board chair. He is also an artist and loves classical music.

Our Board

ACTS is made up of people motivated by a desire to join God in his work renewing hearts, bodies and communities with acts of compassion and restoration.

Gerry Anderson
Retired Business Manager

Gerry has served on the ACTS Board for 15 years, helping the charity grow more sustainable. He brings experience with other boards and management leadership to the team. He and his wife, Shirley, have been blessed with four children who are all married and all have children. He enjoys woodwork, sailing, reading and travelling.

Ed Brett
Cooperative Banker and Consultant

Inspired by a presentation given at his church, Ed sought out involvement with ACTS and now serves as our board chair. As ACTS has grown, Ed has been able to apply his experience in business strategy and marketing to shape ACTS’ direction. He and his wife, Karen, live in Langley, where he enjoys reading about history (especially about the Byzantine Empire, he notes).

Dean Dalke

Dean has been interested in international development since his undergraduate studies. He spent time as an ACTS intern in 1999, then joined the board in 2005. He brings his legal training and experience as a lawyer to the board. He lives in Vancouver with his wife and two young sons, whom he enjoys playing LEGO with.

Jocelyn Kwok
Nonprofit Professional

Jocelyn has a passion for international development and has seen first hand the impact access to clean water has on a community. One of our newest members, she brings fundraising acumen and experience with donor relationships to our team. She loves travelling, exploring Vancouver, and a good cup of coffee.

Andrew Ransom
Health Affairs Manager

Recognizing water as a universal need, Andrew joined the board to help ACTS bring life and sustainability to rural communities in Uganda. As a new member, he brings business acumen, project management, and a good sense of humour. He has two young kids, Albee and Asher, with his wife, Kim. Born and raised in Australia, he’s been swapping surfboards for fly-rods in Canada since 2010.

Liam Robinson
Project/Operations Manager

Liam is one of our newest board members. He has a big heart for Africa and is excited by the uniqueness of ACTS’ holistic, thorough approach to each Gravity Flow System. He brings a background in construction and operations to assess ACTS’ ongoing projects. He is married with a young son, and loves fishing, hunting, hiking and camping—anything outdoors.

Catherine Taylor-Hell
Mechanical Engineer

After working as an engineering intern on ACTS’ Rubingo project in 2001, Catherine was impressed with the effectiveness of ACTS’ development work and joined the board a few years later. She brings her direct experience designing and implementing gravity flow systems to the team. Catherine lives in Vancouver with her husband, Mark, and their young daughter, Talia.

Rachel Wiebe

A board member since 2014, Rachel recently became our Board Treasurer. She spent two years living in Uganda in the past, which inspired her passion for helping nonprofits operate effectively and further God’s kingdom on Earth. She has two children, Jacob and Chloe, with her husband, Cliff, and together they enjoy travelling and gardening.

Alvina Wong

From carrying the bright orange UNICEF box as a child to volunteering at the 2010 Olympics, Alvina has had a steady involvement with volunteering and nonprofits. She developed a heart for humanitarian work following extensive travels in Southeast Asia, and brings over 10 years of nonprofit experience to our board. She lives in Port Moody with her husband Jonathan, and loves replicating dishes from her favourite restaurants.

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