View our previous projects to learn more about the legacy of clean water supporters have helped Acts for Water create. Click on the map below to learn about our different water tap projects.

Over 30 years of clean water projects, because of you.

Kogabi Water Project


Population Served: 3,300

GFS Completion: 2019

Kicuzi Water Project


Population Served: 6,700

GFS Completed: 2019

Nkomero Water Project


Population Served: 4,500

GFS Completion: 2018

Bwirambere Water Project


Population Served: 6,500

GFS Completion: 2017

Photo of fresh water flowing

Kataraka Phase 1

Population Served: 5,318

GFS Completion: 2016

Women filling fresh water from the tap stand into a jerry can

Rwera GFS

Population Served: 9,700

GFS Completion: 2016

A worker from Uganda scaling a water tank


Population Served: 5,000

GFS Completion: 2015

Pouring fresh water from the tap stand into a jerry can


Population Served: 4,366

GFS Completion: 2015

Tap Stand

Nyakyera GFS

Population Served: 20,000

GFS Completion: 2010

A youngster balancing a jerry can on their head


Population Served: 9,390

GFS Completion: 2014

Portrait of smiling baby

Ngomba – Nyarubumba

Population Served: 3,700

GFS Completion: 2013

boy holding jerry can

Kishoro Ph 1 & Ph 2

Population Served: 14,000

GFS Completion: 2013

A child from Uganda holding a glass of purified water


Population Served: 2,183

GFS Completion: 2011

Smiling Uganda baby

Bwesumbu (incl ext)

Population Served: 14,000

GFS Completion: 2009

Ugandan labourers constructing a water tap stand

Nyakyera (Lifewater)

Population Served: 16,010

GFS Completion: 2008

AishaFam Mountain


Population Served: 910

GFS Completion: 2008 (retrofitted 2019)

A girl from Uganda striking a pose with a jerry can filled with purified water

Kinyamufura (Sweetwater 1)

Population Served: 21,832

GFS Completion: 2007

Celebration of a new tapstand

Kanywameizi (Sweetwater 2)

Population Served: 10,188

GFS Completion: 2007

Drinking clean water from freshly installed tapstand

Nyakigyera 1 & 2

Population Served: 16,544

GFS Completion: 2007

Infant consuming water from a tap stand

Rubingo 1, 2, 3

Population Served: 32,040

GFS Completion: 2004



Population Served: 18,193

GFS Completion: 2000

A child next to a fresh water tap stand


Population Served: 4,388

GFS Completion: 1999

Drawing water from the tap stand


Population Served: 9,097

GFS Completion Served: 1997

Tap Stand


Population Served: 19,987

GFS Completion: 1996