We provide clean, accessible water to those who desperately need it.

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Imagine walking three hours a day to fetch water…
that leaves you sick.

Water poverty damages everything.


  • Health

    Every 90 seconds a child dies due to a water-related disease.

  • Education

    1 in 4 girls do not complete primary school often due to a lack of water access and sanitation facilities.

  • Equality

    Women are 2x as likely to fetch water as men which robs them of the chance to earn an income and increases the likelihood of sexual assault.

  • Economy

    Water poverty drags down an economy. But every $1 invested in clean water can yield $4-$12 in economic returns.

(This is not a latte.)

Here’s the good news: water poverty is a problem we can solve together.


There are so many problems in the world–the needs are overwhelming.

It’s not easy knowing how to be generous in a way that actually makes a difference.

When you give to Acts for Water the results are clear, measurable and life-changing.

Your gift turns on a tap in Uganda.

We want our kids to know they can make a difference. We love knowing our gift of water makes an immediate impact.– Chris & Erin Davidson

Water is our love language.

We don’t do everything, we do one thing really well.


We’re unapologetically laser-focused on clean water in Uganda.


We’re one of Canada’s oldest water charities. For over 45 years we’ve earned and kept the trust of our donors.



Water taps we opened 20 years ago are still flowing today.



We care about the engineering and details of gravity flow water systems. Please ask us why we build them instead of digging wells.

Join our community

  • Donate your birthday.

    Raise money and awareness for water by having a “Give Water Birthday” and have friends and family give water instead of presents. Pledge your birthday and Safe Software will kick in the first $200.

    Learn more.

  • Carry water.

    Have your company, gym, church, office or neighbourhood sponsor a “Walk for Water” event— where people carry Jerry cans 1 kilometer and experience the importance of water accessibility.

    Learn more.

  • Attend an event.

    Join us at our annual Water Bash and other events that help raise awareness about the fight against water poverty.

    Learn more.

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(604) 765-3001

My name is Jeff Golby. I’m the CEO of Acts for Water and this is my cell number.

I’d love for you to call me so I can tell you about the difference clean, accessible water is making in Uganda. (If you prefer email mine is jeff@acts.ca).

I live in Vancouver and if we can meet up for coffee I’ll show you a picture I keep on my phone of ten-year-old Albert.

Two years ago I helped Albert carry a 40 lb jerry can 1.5 kilometers to his home. The water wasn’t even clean. That experience opened my eyes to the reality of water poverty.I need your help to bring clean water to Albert’s village and to the 8.4 million other people in Uganda who live without it.

Email Me

Help us bring clean water to Kota, Uganda.

We’re launching a new project in the region of Kota, Uganda.

When the funds are raised we’ll build a Gravity Flow Water System (the same system we use here in Vancouver, B.C.). We’ll use the natural spring source in the hills above the Kota villages, then build a network of pipelines, reservoirs, and accessible tap stands to give clean water to thousands.

Your partnership to make this project a reality will help provide water to the Kota for generations. Click below to see the overview of our most ambitious water project: ever.

View the Kota Project

Give Water, Give Life

Give water

Give water

Giving $125 provides one person a lifetime of clean, accessible water. No gift is too small.

Your gift works

Your gift works

Your generosity enables water systems to be built and taps to be turned on for families, villages and whole regions.

See the impact

See the impact

You’ll see your gift continue to work. And you’ll be connected to a community of people in B.C. working to fight water poverty.

We’ve seen water transform lives again and again.

Watch Annescar’s story.

Give Water

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