Water is Life

Your gift today will give families access to clean water close to home, impacting lives for generations to come!

The UN has declared water poverty as one of the most important global crisis facing humanity today. With 39% of Ugandans currently living in water scarcity, we agree.

A lack of water effects every aspect of a person’s life. The solution should too.

A Better Way to Give Clean Water

Building sustainable water systems and empowering healthy communities for a thriving Uganda.

We need you.

We believe giving a child clean, accessible water is the best way to help them transform their future. We’re focussed on being the best at just that, but we need your help to do even more. As a Canadian water charity, for over 30 years, passionate people like you have been partnering with Acts for Water to provide clean accessible water delivered right in front of the homes of children in rural Uganda. It has changed everything for these communities and now we need you to join us so that together we can do even more.

Acts for Water
Community Impact

Gravity Flow Systems
People provided with clean water for life
Litres of water flowing every day to communities across Uganda


Our blueprint for sustainability involves a critical pivot to go back to our 30 years worth of assets to do something pretty incredible.


We’re a small Canadian water charity with huge impact. Read the stories here.


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