Make a lasting impact with the gift of clean water!

Join us today to help place a Tap Stand in Kisabo Village and your donation will be matched to go twice as far to bring clean, disease-free water to Florence and his community – who are waiting to partner with you!

Can you imagine facing COVID-19 and not having clean water or hand-washing basics?  Can you imagine your kids walking for hours to fetch water from the swamp rather than walking to school?

This is the reality that you can help change right now through the Kisabo Village Water Project. Please give generously today to give the gift of clean, disease-free water: for life!

Your gift will tangibly impact the life of someone currently living without clean water in 2021. It will provide hope, safety and bring joy to an entire community. Thank you – we cannot do this work without you.  

Thank You for your generosity. Please click HERE if you have questions on our gift acceptance policy.