3-2-1 Thursdays

(August 6, 2020)

3-2-1 Thursdays

3 Updates, 2 Stories, 1 Ask
(August 6, 2020) “Keeping you connected to the impact your partnership is having everyday”
Hi Friend,

It’s been a crazy and eventful month for us here at Acts for Water. As Covid-19 continues to dominate world headlines, the team and I have been busy focusing our efforts on helping communities in Uganda respond to the ongoing crisis.

We are so grateful for you, our community, who has rolled through the punches with us as we all adjust to the unknown.

With that being said, we still have so much going on in the field and want to keep you connected with the impact your support is creating.


1. ? In really exciting news, the community of Kicuzi you helped fund two years ago just passed the highest level of certification for sanitation standards approved by the Ministry of Health. This is a huge accomplishment and is a reflection of our new programming approach and the longer term investments we are making into the overall health and sanitation of the community.

2. ? Back in June, we placed a call for help to put together a soap making class in Uganda. So many of you answered the call, allowing us to start the program from scratch, reaching over 200 people in the process. We are so grateful for your endless support. You have given so many people in Uganda access to resources that provide proper sanitation and hygiene.

3. ?? Status in Uganda regarding Covid-19: all staff are doing well through this Covid period. Fear and anxiety are reducing as communities adjust, with people in rural areas able to harvest small gardens this month. Our team is back in the field too, doing community work and construction as per our regular programming.


1. “Thank you to our teachers who have trained us to make liquid and bar soap. It is so exciting to see everyone out here creating soap that they get to bring home. Thank you so much Acts for Water for helping our community by bringing clean water to each household. We believe that when you have clean water, you should have soap to fight all disease and germs. Now we have both! Thank you!”
– John Baptist

2. “On behalf of my fellow trainees, we genuinely appreciate Acts for Water. You brought clean water, sanitation education, now soap making! This soap training will help us have enough soap for our homes to wash and bathe with! Our life will always be fresh. Thank you for everything!”
– Jonah

1 ASK :

1. ?Did you know that one year of providing $10 a month will bring clean water to a child for life? This could have a major impact on communities in Uganda.

Your donation could change lives, so please give generously today at acts.ca/give10

Thanks as always for being a part of this community – clean water and your role in it matters more than ever.

– Jeff Golby

CEO, Acts for Water

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