One year of providing $10 a month will bring clean water to a child for life.

Join one of Canada’s oldest clean water charities who partner with hundreds of local volunteers to bring clean fresh water to rural Ugandans.

Give $10/month today

2020 can be the year marked not just by COVID-19 but by the year people like you transformed the life of thousands: forever. 

Give10 is a pledge of one year with a monthly contribution of $10.

This small act can give a child in Uganda clean, fresh water for the rest of their life.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine facing the threat of COVID-19 without having access to clean, fresh water?

Or being sick all the time because your drinking water is constantly contaminated?

Or having to drop out of school just because your day is spent going to and from the marsh?

You can provide clean water when it matters most, for just $10/month.

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About Acts for Water

We believe giving a child clean, accessible water is the best way to help them transform their future.

We’re focussed on being the best at just that, but we need your help to do even more. 

For over 30 years, passionate people like you have been partnering with Acts for Water to provide clean, accessible water delivered right to the homes of children in rural Uganda. 

This work has changed everything and now we need you to join us so that we can continue empowering communities and changing lives.

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Our Approach
Give $10/month

To provide one child with clean and fresh water for life

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Every dollar counts, 100% of your gift today will go to Uganda