August 18, 2022
Project Update

It’s been a hot summer for us and a drought-filled one for our friends in Uganda. Yet with every email I get from our team, I know we’re getting ridiculously close to completing our current project. Just look at how close below. 

This means that first sip of clean, safe water is days away for Nalugo & Harriet’s family now.

After having walked for water with their family in April, I have tears in my eyes thinking about the unlimited joy that clean water from a tap outside their house will bring. Undeniably life-changing – thanks to you.

We’ll share more of the stats and stories in September so you can know the real impact of your support, but for today, two highlights: 

🙌 You helped us shatter our recent goal for the End the Thirst campaign, maximizing a donor’s matching gift and raising a total of $17,923!! 

🚰 When the Masha project is complete, the Nyakigyera GFS will provide a total of 97 taps to 18 villages. 265 people have already been trained to care for those tap stands in terms of cleanliness and repairs, and 2 men are being trained as caretakers for the water system, supplied with the tools to do so.

With Thanks,


PS. Did you hear the results of our recent campaign End the Thirst? Thanks to your generosity amidst COVID, inflation, drought, and more, we maximized our $7,500 match and well surpassed our goal raising a total of $17,923 so that soon Harriet & Nalugo’s community will take their first sip of safe, clean water!!