World Water Day 2022

Creating a Bright Future for More Kids Like Florence

Have you noticed that the days are finally starting to get longer and brighter? 

For a while there, we weren’t sure they would. The long, dark days of winter really affect motivation, and enjoyment, don’t they? But now as the sun shows itself more out and the daylight hours increase, the difference is noticeable. 

It’s as if you can see further.

Maybe that’s how Florence felt for the first 15 years of her life living with dirty water. She spent hours daily walking to fetch water for her family, leaving her fearful of who or what she’d encounter along the way, exhausted, and absent from school. Those were long, dark walks alone.

But so many in this community stepped in and brightened her days

Today, she enjoys your gift of clean, disease-free water and being able to attend school year-round (even during her menstrual cycle) because of safe access to private latrines. That extra time she spent walking to collect water is now spent attending school, doing homework, and playing with her friends. She now sees further into a future that is bright with opportunity and potential, free from that fear and exhaustion. 

And yet, 1 in 4 girls like her don’t complete school because they are still without access to clean water. 

This coming Tuesday is World Water Day, a global day marked by the UN to highlight the importance of clean water. Our goal is to raise $10,000 – enough for one tap stand for a village like Florence’s – allowing more children to have access to clean, safe water, along with hygiene training. Together, those are the most critical needs for fighting COVID-19. 

Amidst a season of global uncertainty, you can make a difference in the life of a child. A gift of $50 will help create the same bright future for 10 more children. 

Would you consider giving today at, and our partner K’Pure Naturals would love to match your gift, dollar for dollar to ensure more children experience health, education, and security through the brighter future clean water provides.

Thank you for standing with us to honour the dreams of girls like Florence. 


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