TapStand Volume 2 Edition 1: Honoring the Women of Muhaha

Honoring the Women of Muhaha on this Women’s Day

Strong, capable, powerful, are just some of the words that we like to use to describe the women we have the privilege of meeting in Muhaha. This year for International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight their stories as they look forward to the day that they will be able to receive clean water.

“The stream that we collect water from contains feces and all sorts of rubbish — It’s contaminated! I am so glad to hear Acts for Water is working to come to our village to give us clean and safe water to our area. How I look forward to that because I know that water is life.”

Maria Dinavence, aged 45

“In my life, I have failed to fetch water and sometimes sleep hungry.  I am a widow so I don’t have anyone to fetch water for me as I am alone in my house. When I heard a message that you want to bring clean water to us, I had to RUSH to come and meet the people who want to take away this burden from me. Thank you very much!”

God Frida, aged 60

“We have a problem with water. We walk long distances to retrieve it, our children get sick of works, malaria, and coughs because of it. When we heard of Acts coming to out area to give us clean water, we felt so happy and pleased. Thank you.”

Stellah Marris, aged 38

“We are so sad to have dirty water in our community; we have a group of ladies where, including myself, who make beverages as out income and that has helped in earning enough to educate our children. There is algae, defecate in it, and people wash their clothes in it. The water source is a very long distance away, so when our children go to fetch it, it affects them in getting to school on time. When we heard of Acts bringing clean and safe water that would be closer to us, we were so happy!”

Stella, aged 40

On International Woman’s Day (March 8th) you can help make sure 2020 is the year even more Women receive this gift. Join our Monthly Membership program at $12 a month to ensure one more Woman receives clean water for life.

To learn more about the work that we are doing in Muhaha and ways to help provide this community with fresh, clean water, please click here.

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