Enjoy More Than Just Amazing Wine with the Wine 2 Water Holiday Box

We are so excited to be partnering again with LIQR to launch our Wine 2 Water Holiday Gift Box! It is the perfect holiday helper – for you, and for the global community.

Each box provides 3 kids with clean water for a year and has three incredible wines: Chapter Estates Intro White, Chapter Estates Intro Red, and a See Ya Later Ranch Nelly Rosé, hand picked by sommelier Rob Carras from the JR Group of companies. Beyond the wine though, we’re thrilled to be partnering with three amazing companies to provide you with gifts just for purchasing this life-giving box!

  • When you buy the Wine2Water Holiday Gift Box you’ll get a private link to redeem a gift for $15 to spend at any JRG Restaurant. You’ll also get 20% off any K’Pure Naturals purchase on their site HERE.
  • If you donate while on that private link, you’ll receive $25 at JRG Restaurants and 25% off any K’Pure Naturals purchase, as well as a complimentary 5 punch pass at Reward Fitness – which can be redeemed online or in person!

We couldn’t be happier to partner with LIQR to make this happen! Order yours today for you, friends and family to receive on December 20th.

Order your Holiday Box Today

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