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What Happens When Pandemic Happens?

BTS: What Happens When Pandemic Happens?

The celebrating and commissioning in Kogabi of the new water system, before the pandemic, feels like ages ago, but were just over a month ago now. Then, our world, just like yours, was turned upside down.

In such a short time, our budget, plans and operations have changed dramatically and in this Behind the Scenes we wanted to give you an inside look at how the pandemic has affected the roles of three people connected to Acts for Water. This edition of Behind the Scenes is packed with more content than ever before in an attempt to keep you informed.

Interview with Tracey DeGraaf, Director of International Programs – Acts Canada

“And I thought first of the staff. Are they OK? Do they have what they need to be protected?”

Interview with Richard Musinguzi, Programs Manager – Acts Uganda

“We received funding from our friends from Acts Canada and were able to buy jerrycans, soap, face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and hand sprayers. These commodities were distributed to over 1,800 households and they are meant to help prevent them from the spread of coronavirus hitting their respective communities.”

Interview with Frances Wilson, Administrative Director – Acts of Grace Foundation

“And we just thought ‘this is not what charities need to be doing at this time – filling out more paperwork’ – we should just go ahead and make a gift, a big generous gift.”

We’ve also just found out that Uganda’s lockdown has now been extended for another 21 days. In addition, our team has been asked to partner with the different levels of government on COVID-19 relief for vulnerable sectors. More details on this development to come.

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