What’s the Thing You Want Most?

These days call for stories like Hope’s.

Here’s a big question for you: What’s the thing you want most

Over the past year, you have been introduced to several people, like Hope, whose lives have been changed through access to clean, safe water. Hope was in desperate need and would spend precious hours each day to walk miles, only to retrieve dirty water. She walked out of need and in fear. This is how Hope lived day-by-day – out of need and necessity. This is how she survived.

I can’t say for sure if for Hope, the thing she wanted most was clean water, but I can wager a bet that underneath the things she would articulate would be the very same wants you and I have: respect, love, connection, hope.

When the tap was turned on for Hope’s community thanks to your help, it was more than just the clean water that brought substantial change into her life. It was the ripple effect that this access to clean water had on her daily freedoms. A tap flowing clean water now gives Hope time to freely focus on her work in the garden to make an income. The WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) training paired with that clean water gave Hope the resources to focus on her own health and hygiene. Her improved health provides her the strength and opportunity to ensure her family is well cared for. And those things give her hope for their futures.

Answering “what’s the thing you want most” is hard, likely because it gets at the very root of who we are – what makes us most human. When we partner together to provide a better way to give clean water to those in desperate need, your generosity creates unforgettable moments of change and allows people like Hope to experience the things they want most.

PS. Remember the crack in the reservoir tank a few weeks ago? It has been repaired!! To see what the team is working on in Uganda right now, hit PLAY on Athens’ update video.

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