Join Imelda and her community to overcome together.

When you give today, you become a part of the historic Sweeter Water Project, bringing clean water to Masha Village and beyond.
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We need your help to raise the remaining $210,000 by December 17th so that Imelda and all those in Masha Village can be told, on your behalf, that their walk for water will soon be over!

The Sweeter Water Project

The First Phase in our 5 year Give Water Campaign

The demand for clean water has never been higher, we’re feeling it here in Canada, like our friends in Uganda. Through innovation, partnerships, new ways of looking at old things – and with your help – we can set some new records if we come: together.


20,000 people will gain access to clean, safe water.
The Sweeter Water Project is two distinct projects in one: the retrofit to reinforce the existing Gravity Flow System in Nyakigyera with new technology so it will be strengthened for generations to come and the extension off of that original system to reach further to bring the community of Masha (10,000 people) clean, safe water. An incredible investment that leverages existing infrastructure!


20,000 people will be empowered with what they need to take ownership of their hygiene futures and the systems that deliver it. Our team will spend 12 months investing into the health and sanitation of these two communities (existing and new) including building more latrines at the least served schools and facilitating soap making workshops that increase sustainability and health outcomes.

The most sustainable way to provide clean water is through our monthly membership program: the Source Supporters. Just one year of giving $10 a month will provide clean water to someone who goes without: for life. Your gift will change lives. Join us today!

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A True Partnership

Our plan to sustainably serve 20,000 people in the next 12 months involves partnering with an incredible network of stakeholders including local leaders & community volunteers, private companies, other local charities, schools, and the local government.

Our Ugandan team has secured the largest single pledge from the local district government for this project – accounting for 78% of the material costs and about 50% of the labour costs. This is valued at well north of $100,000! 

Together, we can deliver water to new communities, reinforce training in old communities, and see a region thrive! By joining with us, you’re joining a historic first for us, the sector and this region.

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Clean Water for Kyempara Village: The Gift of Health

At the very end of the road, is a ‘last mile’ village named Kyempara, with families whose lives are limited simply because access to clean, disease-free water is beyond their reach.

Joseph lives and works there at a health facility as a Comprehensive Nurse. Every day he sees the impact on his community because of the water they use for drinking, eating and bathing. It’s a small amount, it’s dirty and they share it with animals. 

“This has affected the community a lot and has increased poverty in their households which has also affected me because when they get sick and don’t have money for medication, I find my business with lots of debts due to the fact that they don’t have cash… If we get clean water, people’s income would go up and I can reduce the rate of treating them when they don’t have ready cash to clear health bills.” – Joseph

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About Acts for Water

We believe giving a child clean, accessible water is the best way to help them transform their future.

We’re focussed on being the best at just that, but we need your help to do even more. 

For over 30 years, passionate people like you have been partnering with Acts for Water to provide clean, accessible water delivered right to the homes of children in rural Uganda. 

This work has changed everything and now we need you to join us so that we can continue empowering communities and changing lives.

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