5 Ways to Educate your Kids on the Water Crisis – From Home!

5 Ways to Educate your Kids on the Water Crisis – From Home!

As you and your young-ones are spending a little more time at home than usual and might be looking for some fun ways to learn, we thought that we would share 5 different resources for you to become more educated on one of the most important global causes – water poverty:

1. Here is a short video that explains the work we do at Acts for Water and why clean, safe water is so important. https://vimeo.com/112336405

2. Ever wondered how much water you and your household consumes? Use this calculator to learn more about your water consumption practices! https://www.watercalculator.org/wfc2/q/household/

3. Water may be one of the coolest things ever – so here are some fun facts about it that you can share with others! https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/5-reasons-why-hub/5-reasons-why-water-rules/

4. Along with many other awesome resources about the water crisis (which we totally recommend that you check out on their website), Water Charity has come out with a series of videos that shows the positive impacts of giving to water charities that support countries in need of it. As you probably know, Uganda has a special place in our hearts, so we highly recommend that you watch their season about the water crisis in Uganda! https://www.charitywater.org/the-spring-series/uganda

5. Access to clean, safe water and soap are major preventatives against different diseases and sicknesses, especially during times like we are experiencing today. Click on “Soap and Water Science Activity” to play an interactive game about places where we are more likely to find germs and need clean water to help protect us from them. https://www.discoverwater.org/soap-and-water-science/

We wanna know if you’ve learned more about water! Let us know if you and your kids gave this a try by posting on Facebook or Instagram and tagging us at @actsforwater!

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