We would love to partner with you. If you don’t see a specific volunteer opportunity here, please reach out to us to discuss where your skills may be best used. At this time we only utilize Ugandan Volunteers for work within Uganda. The following roles are for our Canadian organization:

JavaScript Writer

We require someone fluent in JavaScript to complete a short (8 hours or less) task on our mapping feature to make the interface more user friendly. If you’re comfortable with JavaScript, and are willing to put in a bit of time, please reach out to: jeff@acts.ca

Card Writing Team (3 members – ongoing)

If you are a great communicator, love writing cards and are willing to write about 10 thank you cards a month for us, we would love to connect. This role is best suited for someone within the Lower Mainland as we’ll need to drop off thank you cards, stamps, etc. info@acts.ca

Mailout Team (quarterly)

We are looking for individuals willing to help fold, stuff, seal and send our quarterly newsletters, appeals, etc. If you are located within the Lower Mainland and are willing to sign up to be on a rotating schedule to assist us in this way, please reach out. info@acts.ca