Top 5 Highlights from 2021

The Difference You Made in 2021

This year, more people were able to receive access to clean water than before, by God’s grace, because of your generosity, the determination of our Ugandan team, and the triumph of the human spirit. By way of celebration, we share with you our top 5 highlights from 2021!

1. Tons of Taps!
32 taps were completed for the Muhaha Project, flowing 192,000 litres everyday for over 450 families.

2. Gathering Around Watering Holes!
We started hosting evenings for our team in Uganda to share directly with our community here in Canada. These have been great times of connection!

3. Water Water Everywhere!
Your generosity on World Water Day and beyond allowed us to extend water up to Kisabo, adding more taps to this “last mile” community!

4. 600 Kids like Patricia!
The Nyamabaare Primary School project was a dream made possible by you! More taps, toilets and training for these deserving children in our largest school-based hygiene and sanitation project yet.

5. An Unprecedented Partnership!
Our next project will be in partnership with the local government who will contribute over 60% of the costs!

In the midst of 2021, may you and your loved ones experience the joy of someone lightening your load just like you have done for so many, making the distance to access clean water manageable.

Thank you!

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