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A Life Changing Trip

Acts supporters and members of the Good Drink Beverages company joined us on our trip to Kucuzi for this tap stand celebration. Gilbert Yeung (pictured above-right, middle) shares about his life changing experience.

A Reason To Dance

We climbed out of our trucks where the road ended and then walked along the footpath up to where the village of Kicuzi began. About half-way up the hill, we could hear the drums. And then the voices. “Mizi, Mizi, Agande Mizi!” “Water Water, thank you for Water!”

High up in the Hills of Kota

On World Water Day, we first introduced you to our 16-year-old friend Edwin from Kota. She and her parents, Tumwine Innocent & Medius Kasande, along with her 6 brothers and sisters, live high up in the hills of Kota. Life at 6,000 feet can be extreme in more ways that one.

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