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TapStand: Part 3

You were there to help us deliver clean water, when it mattered most for Julius. For me, for our staff, and of course, for him and his community, this means the world. Thank you.

TapStand: Part 1

These past few months have felt like a whirlwind for us.  We want to pause and share with you where we have been, how we are responding right now, and where we are heading.  We feel that it is important to share this with you—now more than ever—because you are part of this journey.  Thanks for making this journey possible.

TapStand: Part 2

We knew that plans had to change so that we could support our communities properly. In response, we quickly stepped in and shifted gears to accommodate the needs of our friends in Uganda. Three days later, our team in Uganda was picking up 3,750 bars of soap, 2,000 five-litre jerry cans, and 100 bottles of hand sanitizer to distribute to families living in Uganda. Approximately 8,780 people in 1,756 households received soap, a jerry can, and a Tippy Tap kit (hand washing station) so that they could wash their hands and practice clean water hygiene.

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