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Meet Juliet

We would really love for you to meet Juliet.  At 14 years old, despite constant daily struggles, she has a BIG dream!! A dream that we can’t wait to see her achieve - and we bet you can’t either.

A Big Leap Forward

I’ve got good news, and bad news for you.  The good news? That even despite COVID, because of your investments over the decades, this could be one of the most impactful times in our charity’s history.  The bad news?....

The Future of Sustainability with Rawlings

What good is an abandoned water system or a failed sanitation facility in your community? If we are to achieve sustainable development, the onus is on us to partner together with communities around the world, putting together available resources to develop capacities and resilience of these communities to escape WASH poverty without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

TapStand June 2021

We are so excited to share this new edition of our quarterly newsletter - The TapStand. This edition is filled with beautiful and meaningful stories of impact - ones that you were so evidently part of - and updates on how Acts of Water is walking into a sustainable future.

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