Clean Hands & Cooperative Communities

TapStand: Volume 3 Edition 1

In the height of COVID-19, ACTS Uganda’s Sanitation & Hygiene Department made a timely decision to host a soap making workshop. For 2 days in July, 43 representatives from different villages of our Muhaha project area gathered together at the Katerera Church of Uganda and learned the essentials of making liquid and bar soap.

What greater and more necessary time to receive training in soap making than during a global pandemic! The beauty of the workshop is that it was just a starting place for these leaders who have since been able to take the training back to their communities, multiply its impact and, in some cases, begin earning income.

“This has been a wonderful workshop, very practical and involving, with a lot of hands on activities and ways of raising resources. It should be continued so that we can be empowered with skills to sustain our WASH activities in our communities.”

– Bahebwa Jonah, Sanitation Team Leader

“I have learnt how we are going to mobilize resources in many ways without focusing only on outside help and donations. We can now raise funds locally amongst the group members. We are going to buy materials for bar and liquid soap making and start immediately so that we begin marketing it in institutions and communities in order to generate income swiftly.”

– Ruhondeza John, Sanitation Team Leader

“I have learnt how to mobilize funds in various ways to uplift my community and those I serve. Thank you ACTS Uganda for empowering us.”

– Mugisha Patrick, Sanitation Team Leader

Thanks to the generosity of Canadians, we’re doubling down on our soap making workshops in 2021, so you can expect more stories like this in the year ahead.

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