A recap on this three year journey

TapStand Volume 2 Edition 3

Three years ago, I made the first “fundraising pitch” to invite many of you to join us for a three year water project in Ibanda.

The project has three distinct phases (Kicuzi, Kogabi, and Kota), representing the largest and most comprehensive project we have ever undertaken. It required a new, multifaceted approach to clean water that involved latrines, community health and sanitation training, financial support and collaboration with all levels of government in one of the most remote areas we’ve ever worked in.

Entering the final phase of the project, we found ourselves needing to pivot. Covid-19 redirected our efforts into emergency relief work to save lives and generate awareness around social distancing, hand washing and the importance of clean water.

Thankfully, we have still been able to continue our work amidst the pandemic due to the hustle of our Ugandan team, the partnership of the Ugandan district government and most importantly – the generosity of the Canadian community.

In September 2020, we broke ground in KOTA, signifying the final stage of our work in Ibanda.

Now, we find ourselves at the beginning of the end.

Looking ahead

The final portion of the Kota phase is called Muhaha. We are hoping to break ground in December.

Even though we recognise that breaking ground is not the same as finishing the project, this project represents a whole new standard for us. A more holistic, sustainable and involved approach unlike anything we’ve ever done before. In a season where we are tempted into indifference and apathy – breaking ground is a snapshot of good in the world.

It is a reflection of generous giving over a number of years.

It is a story that will ultimately bring clean water to 16,000 people.

It is a celebration of people like you and of your partnership with the people of Uganda.

Approaching the end of this big endeavour, we want you to help us finish strong.

We hope our community will respond with open hearts for Muhaha just like you did for the people of Kicuzi and most recently for Godfrey in Kogorogo.

Generous acts are required now more than ever.

In a time of uncertainty, scarcity and anxiety – water connects us all.

Please give today to deliver on the promise of clean water to Muhaha.

This fall, we’re looking for a group of 50 ambassadors to create a shared experience with families in Uganda.

A small group who can rally their own community and with our support work to raise at least $500 each to bring clean, safe water to a Ugandan family for life, this Christmas.

Family to Family. Community to community.

Together, we can create life giving change through water.

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