The TapStand: Volume 2 Edition 2

Part 3

The TapStand: Volume 2 Edition 2 – Part 3



You were there to help us deliver clean water, when it mattered most for Julius. For me, for our staff, and of course, for him and his community, this means the world. Thank you.

The initial 35 day lockdown was extended by another two weeks and as we write, it continues, although in a slightly more relaxed form. The spread of C-19 has been thankfully contained and we’re so grateful, but the lockdown has not been without a harsh impact on the vulnerable sector.

Because clean water matters now, more than ever, our team has had permission to continue their activities in the field. The need for clean water, clean latrines, hand-washing stations, and sanitation training has increased exponentially. With your help, we’d like to increase our offering.

A C-19 / COVID-19 clean water distribution center
Trying to stop the spread of C-19 / COVID-19 with new water bottles and soap

So far, even during a C-19 pandemic, we’ve:

– Reached over 18 000 000 people (that number is correct) by having Rachel, our WASH Team Lead, talk on Uganda’s #1 Radio Show about hand-washing

– Trained 16 382 people in the villages on WASH principles

– Supported 8 700 people with relief supplies

If we can raise the funds, with your help, we will:

– Launch a soap making class to empower over 200 women to make their own soap with materials they have at their disposal

– Complete a latrine block so that over 800 kids can have a sanitary place to use, once classes resume

– Work with dozens of volunteer Health Officers to train them to support thousands of families to thrive with basic hygiene principles

All while continuing to deliver clean fresh water to those in need.

Right now, Nicola Wealth Management is matching all gifts up to $10,000. Your gift today will go twice as far and 100% will go directly to Uganda to help us deliver clean water, when it matters most. Please give generously HERE.

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