The TapStand: Volume 2 Edition 2

Part 2

The TapStand: Volume 2 Edition 2 – Part 2

March 25 

We knew that plans had to change so that we could support our communities properly. In response, we quickly stepped in and shifted gears to accommodate the needs of our friends in Uganda. Three days later, our team in Uganda was picking up 3,750 bars of soap, 2,000 five-litre jerry cans, and 100 bottles of hand sanitizer to distribute to families living in Uganda. Approximately 8,780 people in 1,756 households received soap, a jerry can, and a Tippy Tap kit (hand washing station) so that they could wash their hands and practice clean water hygiene.

Clean water and the hand-washing that comes with it is the best defense against COVID-19 (C-19)  and many viruses, particularly in countries where other forms of healthcare are lacking.

Not only does Julius, his family, and his community have clean water now, but they also have immediate relief with hand-washing, soap and other supplies to defend themselves against C-19.

Image from UWASNET April 13th article

April 1

Uganda enters a 35-day lockdown, but we received special permission from the District to have our staff continue emergency C-19 relief work in the villages. This is a direct result of our 30 years of relationships, reputation, and subject matter expertise. While

schools like Julius’ in Kogabi were being shut down, we were starting up radio broadcasts to encourage

social distancing and hand-washing. Your generosity has enabled our team to work through this tough time, visiting villages to educate leaders on proper sanitation, placing posters in public places that explain the importance of handwashing and hygiene in the local language, and ensuring that vulnerable households have what they need during this crisis.

Clean water matters now, more than ever.

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