Life in Kisabo Village

TapStand: Volume 3 Edition 1

In February, the Acts Uganda team broke ground in Muhaha – the third phase of our Ibanda water project – our largest and most comprehensive ever. When complete, over 16,000 people will have access to the life giving gift of clean water, latrines at their schools, and some of the best hygiene and sanitation training in the world!

Just 1 kilometre down the road is a village called Kisabo with over 120 families, none of whom currently have access to clean, disease-free water. For those families, life in Kisabo is limited.

15 year old Florence lives there with his family. He feels the limitations of being without water in his village every single day. Not only does living way up in the hills mean that Florence spends several hours climbing with his jerry can to fetch dirty water, but he also dreads encountering the mischievous monkeys who share that same water source. By the time he’s returned the dirty water to his home and arrives at school, Florence’s legs are sore and his teachers often punish him for being late.

Life in Kisabo doesn’t have to be limited. Help Florence’s dream to develop into an important person come true. It all starts with water.

Your gift of $125 will help bring Florence, and hundreds of kids like him, clean, disease-free water for life. Clean water is essential to fighting viruses and helping communities thrive.

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