Christmas Came Early to KOTA!

Thanks to Your Generous Giving!

Today is a historic day in the Kabumba and Kogorogo villages in KOTA. We commissioned 4 taps to begin flowing 6,000 litres of life-giving water flowing every single day from here on out. Even though we are not done with this project – there are 10 more taps to turn on – we couldn’t wait to get this village up and running before Christmas! What a beautiful thing to celebrate as a result of you, our generous community, giving towards this project.

Just think of the difference it will make for these families!

Families including Godfrey Kiiza’s, who shared a meal with some of our team back in February just before the pandemic broke, now have access to clean water, hygiene essentials, and training when they need it most.

It’s the good news we all need right now.

“Let me collect this water and drink it and relieve my thirst! We were tired of dirty water! Now we have good, clean water – I will drink and drink it! Oh! Lord you are good, thank you Lord!”
– Dativa

“I thank Acts for bringing clean water. I was taking 2 hours to go behind the hill to fetch water and would find pigs bathing from the same water I was to collect. But today Acts has brought clean water just near my home! Thank you, I will no longer walk a long distance to fetch water.”
– Angella (8 years)

“I thank Acts for good and clean water. I would slope the hills to fetch water and on return, I used to be hit by rocks, fall down, the water splash out of my jerry can, have to go back to fetch, delay reaching home and be beaten. Now I thank Acts that water is near us! I will no longer be beaten because of delay while fetching water.”
– Julius (10 years)

These stories and faces make me so grateful for you – the community that allows us to do this work. See the beautiful faces now filled with hope and joy. Those taps now forever connect you with them!

We know many are bracing for a different and potentially difficult Christmas here in Canada. Many in rural Uganda are as well, and yet today about 1,600 people in the Kabumba and Kogorogo villages are celebrating the gift of cool, clean water. This year, instead of walking kilometers to the swamp to fetch unclean water, these communities will take a few steps to their taps close by and receive clean water for their Christmas celebrations with family and friends.

Christmas has come early for them!

We hope the joy you see on their faces may bring you joy as well – because it, like water, connects us all.

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