Sylvia’s Soap is Setting Records!!

Necessity might not be the mother of all inventions but it definitely helps. When you combine necessity with opportunity, though, something really beautiful happens.

A year ago when so many of you helped bring clean water to Kicuzi during COVID, we were able to teach people how to make soap (necessity). This led to soap co-operatives being formed in communities and soap products being sold at local trading centres (opportunity).

Sylvia and her friends formed one of these co-ops, pooling resources and learning business fundamentals to expand their growth. They got creative and made labels, then they reinvested that money to start producing new product lines like Acts Jelly – a skincare product made from aloe (opportunity).

COVID sparked the need, but the women took it from there. 

Now worldwide inflation has caused soap prices in Uganda to skyrocket and this group has found their little hustle that much more in demand. In just 12 months, those who invested in the co-op saw their revenue grow 17.8 times! A modest investment from them with a huge ROI.

“I continue thanking ACTS for training us how to make soap and jelly. You have opened our eyes for future development because now we are able to provide our homes with needs because we sell soap and jelly and get money, we use it on our bodies and now we are shining! God bless you good future plan you brought to us!”

This unprecedented worldwide inflation has meant that our costs for construction materials and transportation in Uganda have almost doubled, and our project is running over budget. Would you consider giving today so that shovels can break ground this summer and we can reach more women like Sylvia with this kind of record-setting opportunity? 

We brought back 6 tubs of Sylvia’s jelly from Uganda. The first 6 who give $125 or more will get to check out this new product line!

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