Still Flowing After all These Years

“I recall the celebration dances we had when we saw water connected,” the words came rushing out of Godfrey’s mouth as he propped himself up on the grass where a few of his neighbours had gathered around. They were all smiles as they swapped stories of the changes they’d witnessed in the 3 decades since that moment.

Jim Doble (Engineer) first visited Bujaga in 1993. After witnessing the effects of the community’s poor water source, the ACTS’ team began working together with them to build what is now ACTS’ oldest water system.    

Showing off a water glass with a Canadian flag on it – a gift from Jim for their hard work building the system together, Vincent chimed in, “We responded very quickly to work with them, both men and women, which paved our way to the sweet life we are living in. We had to work hard to overcome all the challenges…it was a miracle. We still appreciate the team he led to give us this joy. I’ve kept this glass safely for 30 years now!”

Bujaga is a completely different community today. It’s people are no longer sick week after week with Typhoid or wasting money on medication, and they aren’t facing the dangers they once did to collect water from the dam. Children now wear clean, fresh uniforms, and attend classes regularly. And a busy trading centre is evidence of their growing population and economy. 

“We have lived a safe life. …We thank ACTS so much for helping us live well these 30 years and for giving us the opportunity to wear clean, white clothes!” Lydia exclaimed. Turning on the tap, she roared with laughter as the clean, clear water rushed out. 

It’s still flowing, after all these years

“Our firstborns suffered a lot, but those who were born after the water connection will never realize what their elders went through. We are now living better!” Godfrey offered.

What a gift to work toward this kind of future with you – one in which communities like Bujaga are thriving, and the generations after Lydia, Godfrey & Vincent can’t recall a time without clean water!

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