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Acts for Water Launches Innovative Soap-Making Workshops to Support Ugandan Communities

Can you imagine hearing about the threat of COVID-19 but lacking the means to buy soap to do it with? We believe no one should live with this fear, but rather than continue to hand out soap, we wanted to give communities a sustainable solution.

We have always made hygiene training part of what we do. But, now we have taken it a step further.

Through new soap-making workshops, Ugandans have gained a greater sense of independence and empowerment.

“I have learned how we are going to mobilize resources in many ways without focusing only on the outside help and donations,” Mr. Ruhondeza John, a local council chairperson said.

“We can now raise funds locally amongst the group members. We are going to buy materials for bar and liquid soap making and start immediately so that we begin marketing it in institutions and communities in order to generate income.”

The idea to hold a soap-making workshop came out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the generous support from Canadians from our COVID relief fund, when COVID-19 hit, we began focusing heavily on getting soap and handwashing kits out to African families so they could stay safe. Seeing the high demand for the kits and soap, the team suggested a move towards soap making workshops. The generosity from Canadians at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic is what enabled our teams in Uganda to pilot the program.

Since it was started just a few months ago, hundreds of people have already been impacted. The move has helped to keep children safe as they head back to school. It has also empowered women to bring in extra money for their families. By selling the soap they make, these women increase their financial independence and build more security for their families.

Our efforts have already reduced waterborne diseases by 17 percent and brought clean water to communities around Uganda. Now, our soap-making initiative has allowed us to raise the hygiene standards for these communities and has allowed them to find new ways to support themselves and help their neighbours.

This Christmas season, will you join with us and buy an emergency health kit for someone in Uganda? Your $5 will provide:

•  Clean water for a year

•  Soap making classes

•  Hand-washing and hygiene training

We are also excited to share with you that we’ve partnered with K’Pure Naturals to create a unique custom soap. For every donation of $50 or more, we’ll send you out a bottle of this Life Lather, a unique organic hand-washing soap.

Thank you for helping protect Ugandan’s from COVID-19 and a host of other viruses, and ensure sustainable community development for years to come.

Please give today HERE.

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