Back to School

What are the school supplies you can’t go without?

The bells are ringing to call kids back to school, adults back to work and the leaves to change their colours. Fall is coming quickly

Just as we gear up for a new season, so are Patricia, Florence and Juliet as Nyamabaare Primary School opens for the first time in a long while due to COVID. Because of you, they get to head back to class with the school supplies that can truly change their lives: water and latrines. 

The opportunity for a child to attend school in Uganda is drastically limited when water and latrines aren’t accessible. This is why, along with you, we are so focused on eliminating the long walk for water many of them are forced to make. Placing taps near homes and schools frees up that time kids spend fetching water to be used on more childlike things: reading, writing, growing, playing! Clean water gives kids brighter, healthier and hope-filled futures. 

Take it from Issac, a parent of one of the students at the Nyamabaare Primary School in Kisabo Village, who shares:

“We are glad and happy that 1 of the 5 toilets has been completed and surprisingly there is an option for children with disabilities to access without difficulty. When we were told about this project, we thought it could not reach us as we are far in the back ends of the hills cut off from the rest. Our school had lacked toilets for a very long time and we are glad that our children can brighten their futures in a school with good latrines like those in towns we used to admire. We did not pay money to have the toilets but rather contributed locally available materials and we give glory to God and thank ACTS for coming to us who live in last mile villages”.

This is the largest school hygiene project we’ve ever done! Thanks for helping us build the most drought-resistant, school-powering water solution in the world! 

Hope this first week of September goes well for you.

PS. Are you interested in experiencing what that walk for water may be like for those who go without? Join us at 1:00 pm on Sunday, September 12th at the Garry Point Fisherman’s Needle in Steveston. Click HERE for more details and registration for this family-friendly exercise in empathy. 

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