The Robinson Family 

Thank You for your partnership with Acts for Water for the past many years. It has had a profound impact both on us, and of course, on thousands in Ugandans.

Most recently, your contribution towards the Kogabi Extension has meant that another 3300 people in this region now experience clean, fresh water: for life and specially because of your gift, 609 students now have a clean, safe place to use the washroom while at class. This is incredible! While we will be doing a more formal “Tap Stand turning on” ceremony in March, my favourite moments are the ones shot on our phones when the community uses the taps for the first time. I have included a few videos from that day below, shot by our staff on the ground from the taps that you helped to fund.

At the bottom of this page is a link to the technical project report.  To the right, is a map highlighting the Latrines that your family has funded through your generous giving.

The power of this gift: a dignified place to use the bathroom is profound.  The implications of this are far beyond the data points; though the data points are incredible! For young girls, it will mean that the doors to education for the very first time will be opened and will stay open past the age of maturity. For the entire generation of kids it will mean new practices of routine sanitation and hygiene will become a part of their every day normal as we continue to work with this community, teaching and training the kids to continue to be leaders in their community.

When we began this three-phase project a few years ago, it seemed like an impossible undertaking. But now, with two phases under our belt, we look forward—with anticipation—towards starting the final phase in just a few months.

In the coming months, we will send out a 6-month project update to report on the progress of this community, just like we have done with Kicuzi over this past year.  We can’t wait to take the Acts for Water tribe on the journey of witnessing a Ugandan community move towards a fuller, healthier life.

Pictures from Kicuzi & Kogabi (the last two projects you’ve helped fund)

To view the projects you’ve helped been a part of, just select TRF (The Robinson Family) from the dropdown menu 

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Clean, Dignified, Sanitary

“I would like to be a teacher one day. Before Acts brought us clean water, I had been collecting water from ponds that were so dirty, I could be late and wouldn’t study well. Now that I drink clean water, I feel comfortable while I am seated in class and can study better. I know my dream will come true because I have clean and safe water at school.”

Monica, Grade 4

“We had problems of fetching water by walking long miles, climbing hills, drinking dirty water from ponds, but today, we get to drink clean water! I know we will no longer feel sick or have worms! Thank you so much Acts!”


“When I’m older, I want to study to become a teacher. I thank Acts so much for bringing us clean and safe water that we drink unboiled and don’t feel sick. We had been climbing hills passing through through bushes looking for water which wasn’t even clean and made us feel sick. I hope my dream will be fulfilled because now I take clean water”

Boniconcil, 14 years old

I would like to thank Acts for bringing clean water to our community because you identified our need. I can now cook and drink with clean and safe water. My children used to come home late from school to fetch water very late in the evenings, passing hills that were not safe for their lives but now they just fetch it in a 100 metre distance! Thank you Acts!



The Robinson Family has directly funded the provision of clean, fresh water to 375 people in Kicuzi Phase 1 (completed Spring 2019)


We project instances of Typhoid and Dysentry to drop to close to 0% in Kogabi because of the clean, safe latrine that you have helped install at this primary school for girls.


Within the first 6 months of the taps turning on in Kogabi we project enrolment at the primary school where you helped place a latrine at to go up by over 15%. This represents dozens more girls walking to school for the very first time, instead of to the swamp for water.


Women in Uganda spend on average 6 hours a day just dealing with Water Poverty. Because of your gift they will now be able to spend their time farming, earning an income and saving that money to provide their children with a brighter future. 

These are the students whose lives
you will have impacted.

Your official project summary report