Pledge your birthday to transform lives today!

Fundraising on your birthday is easy: instead of gifts, ask for donations to ACTS and let people know that they’ll be providing clean water that will give new life to Ugandans.

Clean water changes everything: children no longer miss school due to sickness, and men and women have more time to earn income and create opportunities.

Every dollar that your friends and family donate will directly impact Ugandans in need of accessible, clean water. Because of you, lives will be transformed.

Meet our Birthday Fundraiser Champions

“For my 6th birthday, I decided that instead for presents, I would ask my friends to give toonies. I raised over $30 and decided to give to ACTS because kids like me should have clean water every day.”

$31 raised for clean water on her 6th birthday

“I’ve been supporting ACTS for 20 years and it’s a worthy cause.”

$150 raised for clean water on her 90th birthday

“Millions of people (often times kids!) in Uganda have to walk for water every day, sometimes several times a day, for daily necessities including drinking, cooking and hygiene.”

$2,260 raised for clean water on her birthday

“Fundraising was a way for me to include the beautiful people I am so lucky to have in my life in on something bigger than me turning a certain age.”

$2,685 raised for clean water on her 30th birthday

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