How Clean Water Made Patricia’s Dream Come True: A Story

Patricia’s Dream Come True

Athens met Patricia about four weeks ago when she visited Kisabo Village and this is what she shared:

“There’s no water at school and the little we collect from a distance is very dirty. Being a student, all the time we are in class and find ourselves without time to go down the hill and fetch water. If I and my fellow pupils try to go and collect water, we find a lesson already passed. Failure of water at school affects us girls as we feel the need to bathe most of the time, but we cannot because of water scarcity. I pray if there could be a kind person or organisation, come to our school and give us access to clean and safe water.” – Patricia (14)  

And now, just one month later, the news to send back to Patricia, Florence, Eunice and their entire village is the kind dreams are made of! 

A quick recap on how we got here: You gave generously on Giving Tuesday last December, which allowed us to extend our project in KOTA. You gave generously at the end of 2020, to enable us to not just start Muhaha on time, but challenge us to extend the system up to Kisabo Village (to get even more value out of the investment). And, you gave generously leading up to, and on World Water Day, which means the Tap Stands for Kisabo Village and Nyamabaare Primary School are fully funded! We are extremely grateful to you – our community.  

Now, we will be able to start our plans even sooner and begin excavation for the piping for Kisabo at the start of May. Soon Patricia’s village will have access to your gift of clean, disease-free water! Soon, her walk to fetch that water will be reduced to walking outside her house and turning on a tap. And very soon – Patricia will have the water she’s dreamed of – thanks to you

Stay tuned. You won’t believe what our next pivot is. 

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