1 in 4 kids in Uganda miss precious hours of education due to walking hours only to retrieve dirty, contaminated water that leaves them sick and unable to go to school.

Join Acts for Water as we partner with the Pacific Heights Elementary School in June.

In this family-friendly, awareness and fundraising event, we will walk 2km for water to experience the reality of what many Ugandans journey through each day to collect water. A journey that robs them of their health, freedom, dignity, and opportunities.

This is a FREE event that focuses on the experience of what a journey to collect water is like.

Your Donation is Helping Kids Like Patricia

Patricia gives a thumbs-up gesture after using the clean water from the tap stand

Patricia, a young student from Kisabo Village, walked many kilometres a day to fetch water from a stream shared with animals and other humans who also drank and bathed in it. As a female, she was two times more likely to make this journey than her male peers. Days of school were missed due to water-related diseases and when Patricia was in school, she was unable to focus or study because of dehydration.

But then people like you stepped in and partnered with Acts for Water to bring clean, safe water to the community of Kisabo. Patricia is now enjoying your gift of disease-free water – her cup and her smile are overflowing! 

“I want to thank Acts for bringing clean water to our school and for saving us from walking long distances behind hills and that you saved us from not having common diseases. When I am in class and feel thirsty, I just walk to the compound and find a tap! Thank you so much for honoring our request!” 

That extra time she’d spend walking to collect water is now spent attending school, playing with friends, and studying well for the bright future ahead of her. Thank you so much for partnering with us in this better way to give clean water!

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Your gift will tangibly impact the life of someone currently living without clean water – providing hope, safety and joy to an entire community. Thank you – we cannot do this work without you.  

Thank You for your generosity. Please click HERE if you have questions about our gift acceptance policy.