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Building Sustainable Systems and Empowering
Healthy Communities for a Thriving Uganda.


A lack of water affects every aspect of a person’s life.
The solution should too.

For 30 years, we’ve been serving the extreme rural poor with the world’s most sustainable water hygiene and sanitation solution.


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Litres of Water

A lack of water affects every aspect of a person’s life. The solution should too.

For 30 years, we’ve been serving the extreme rural poor with the world’s most sustainable water hygiene and sanitation solution.




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Our Solution

Our unique approach to Gravity Flow Systems (GFS) means your gift goes further with Acts for Water. Here’s how we do it.


Gravity Flow Systems

Our award-winning water programs start with one of the most sustainable, drought-resistant ways to deliver water in the world: Gravity Flow Systems (GFS). The GFS provides clean water to a wide range of villages in Uganda. We find a water source
in the hills above the communities, protect that source, and then through the building of a network of pipelines, reservoirs, and accessible tap stands we can deliver clean water to several villages.

Once the system has been created, no manual labour (such as pumping water) is required. Gravity does the work!


Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Training (WASH)

What good is clean water if it goes into a dirty jerry can? Or why provide clean water if no one knows how to wash their hands?

When we surround clean water with the best in hygiene practices, we make sure 100% of that clean water reaches 100% of its full potential. We make this process a community issue, using social pressure, and group activities in the community, as well as in the school where we build latrines in partnership with parents and the government. Local partners help the communities work together to accomplish huge milestones in health standards – a key part of our programming.


Healthy Hygiene Villages

We work with every family, every school and institution to bring the community up to our Healthy Hygiene Villages Standard. This is a rigorous process so that by the end of our twelve months, every household has built a pit latrine, food prep area, and handwashing station. Most importantly, they are practicing safe, healthy hygiene practices. In schools, we build latrines and train staff and kids in the critical importance of sanitation and hygiene. Once a community is ready, they undergo a verification process by the local, district and even national governments. In Uganda, this term is called Open Defecation Free Village, but it is about so much more!


Monitoring & Evaluation

We aren’t satisfied with claiming industry statistics as our own. Our small but strong team gathers both qualitative and quantitative data from the field and submits it using a best-in-class digital platform where we track progress and compare results. This culture of Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment, and Learning is perhaps one of our greatest strengths.

Over half of the money invested into providing clean
water solutions to Africa are no longer working.

Billions have been poured down the drain.

Sustainability is not just a buzz word for us.

Here’s how we’re making sure your legacy isn’t one of empty pipes.



We begin with a relational approach to community transformation by walking alongside them for 12 months to help reinforce the important behaviour changes needed for good health. Inspiring a community to take control of their health and hygiene futures starts with listening and helping members see the need for radical change.

This is called Participatory Hygiene & Sanitation Transformation (PHAST). Once the need is acknowledged, we work with them to create an extensive plan for transforming their homes into places of health, including helping them build latrines, dry racks for dishes, clean kitchens, and more.



While this process of change is happening, we partner with communities to build the most resilient water solution in the world. Gravity Flow Systems (GFS) deliver a sustainable supply of clean water across a huge terrain (some of our systems go over 80 km) and place community taps throughout villages bringing water within 200 meters of each household.

We’ve built more than any other NGO in the world, which makes us extremely fluent in this technology.



By partnering with existing community-based organizations (CBOs) and government structures of support, we bring scale and sustainability to make sure the change truly lasts.

Our Keeping it Clean program offers coaching and support along the way. We work towards formal “Area Service Provider” (ASP) agreements which give us access to new communities as we form partnerships with districts to continue to support their area in WASH. We reinforce the positive WASH messages through radio broadcasts, partnerships with churches, and village health reams. We advocate for extensions, repairs, and further service from local stakeholders where needed.


“I'm so happy for this clean water. Before, cooking with dirty water made our food change colour, but there was no option! I thank the Lord that a 2 hour distance has turned into a 10 minute distance! I just put food on our local stove, immediately go to the tap and find it still flowing water! You really deserve a big clap!”

Esther from Kisabo

When you partner with Acts for Water, your gift really is good to the last drop.



*A 2012 audit of European Union investments into water and sanitation projects in sub-Saharan Africa showed that half of their $1 billion dollars worth of their investments had failed to have an impact, largely because they were not managed well over the long term.