Our Team is on the Move

It’s a really good thing.

Most of us are starting to wind down the office work before the holidays. Our team in Uganda is on the move too, and it’s a really good thing! 

With our current project wrapping up, the team is in the middle of relocating their camp to begin the exciting work of building the system that will soon bring water to Imelda’s family and so many others in Masha Village in 2022!

Setting up camp is no small feat – it has to house our 20+ team, the trucks and the materials needed for this unprecedented project for 12 months. 

Arranging a camp using timber logs

One of the great gifts about this next project is the generous contribution of the local district government. Because they see and agree with the need, they have committed to covering 60% of the total costs for this project! Now it’s up to our community to raise the balance to join the government, our team in Uganda, and over 400 local volunteers who will contribute hours of labour. 

Working with the people of Masha to bring water, health and dignity is a gift that changes us all. We’re just 11% away from our goal of raising $210,000 by the end of the year. 

Visual representation depicting the collaborative efforts of Canada and Uganda to enhance water access, health, and dignity

The urgency is real. Along with our team in Uganda, Tracey, our Program Director is mapping out the scope of this project, including things like how many schools do we work in? How many taps can we build? How many latrines? Your contribution will directly impact the depth and scope that we can do. I’d love to work with you to do great things.

If you haven’t purchased all your presents for 2021 yet, Christmas is the perfect reason to give the gift of clean water – a gift that brings true joy to those who’ve gone for so long without.

PS. We are just $23,100 away from our goal to raise $210,000. Your gift of clean water today will change lives in 2022. Make the move with our team in Uganda to join in the Masha Project today by giving at acts.ca/donate.

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