Clean water, when it matters most

Nicola Wealth Management are matching your gifts to help more Ugandans like Evalyn

Nicola Wealth Management are matching gifts to help more Ugandans like Evalyn.


Last Wednesday at 8:57 am, Paul and Grace from Nicola Wealth Management called me and offered Acts for Water $10 000 in matching funds to help us meet our $30 000 goal. This is huge. This means that 100% of your gift will go to Uganda and now it will be matched. We are so grateful for the generosity of our community who has stepped up and responded to give clean water, when it matters most. To respond to this campaign, you can give at:

Nicola Wealth Management are matching gifts to help more Ugandans like Evalyn.

Uganda is set to re-open, and kids are about to head back  to school, and I need your help to make sure they can be given safety today to thrive tomorrow.

The measures we now take, whether here in Canada or in Uganda are about a virus for sure, but they’re also about a sense of security and empowerment. They are about not feeling helpless against this unknown threat.

Can you imagine coming home from the grocery store and not having clean water or soap to wash your hands? Or sending your kids back to class this week knowing they had no latrine or hand-washing station? How helpless would you feel?

It’s the empowerment that stands out for me in Evalyn’s story.

She writes how she no longer spends her money going to hospitals for herself, husband and children. She’s become “a role model of hygiene and sanitation.” Before she was someone who “would not bathe or wash” but “has now seen the impact of frequently practicing it and has saved her many bills and it has changed her life.”

But here is the line that really got me “and you have not left us again in this trying moment when we were battling with the virus!” She talked about the impact we’ve had thus far and expresses her gratitude for you, the community for stepping up when it mattered. 

This was phase one: immediate relief, a sense of safety and security.  About not feeling helpless against the unknown threat.

Phase two, is about continuing to partner with Ugandans so that we all may thrive.

With your help, this summer we will work with Ugandans to build a latrine block for 800 kids, teach 200 women to make their own soap, and train Health Officers to teach families how to take care of their critical hygiene needs.

Your gift, whether that’s $25, $50, $125 or another amount is critical to this happening. 100% of whatever you give will go to Uganda.  And now it will be matched. Please give generously at:

Thank you for standing with our friends in Uganda,  when it matters most. And thank you to Nicola Wealth Management who are helping more Ugandans like Evalyn.


P.S. 100% of your gift will go to Uganda next month to help us build a latrine block for 450 kids, teach 300 women how to make soap and train families to take care of their critical hygiene needs this summer. Please join us today at:

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