Moments Like These

It’s moments like these. More than kids splashing in the water. More than women dancing in thanks. 

6 years ago, when I joined Acts for Water, I believed the work was in essence transactional. Money raised equals clean water delivered. I was wrong, on so many levels.

What I didn’t expect was that the work, the act of turning on the taps, would become secondary for me to the people with whom I got to turn on taps with. I didn’t expect the privilege I’d have in working alongside this wonderful community. 

I didn’t expect this room to break out in song upon our return after 2 years, thanking God for the reunion. I didn’t expect the pride of seeing the work they had done or hearing them stand firm in their claim against the big boys (Oxfam, UNICEF, etc.) that their work stood up longer, served more, and was more sustainable (and invite them to come disprove us).

I didn’t expect that connection, that spark, or that energy, that only comes when you run alongside others who also are in it to tackle something meaningful & massive all at once.

I didn’t expect a connection with you, the Canadian community. But here we are – 5 years into this role for me, 31 years into building clean water systems, and now 50 years old as a charity and I think we’ve built together something pretty unique. Thanks for being a part of it.

Here’s to 50 more years of unexpected joys.

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