Meet Tarsis

An Unexpected Donor

Meet Tarsis

[this post was originally written back in August 2019]

At 75 years old, Mr. Tarsis Bindebura is blind.

He lives in the mountains of KOTA and spends most of his days outside a mud-walled hut, shelling beans and passing time. Upon first glance, you’d never think he could play such a critical role in transforming thousands of lives for his community.

However, Tarsis has made a once in a lifetime gift and his community will never be the same. His gift is “the Source,” an unassuming spring of water that lies on his property from which 5700 children, women and men will receive clean and accessible water for life.

Tarsis, just like the hundreds of women and men who come out to dig trenches, teach one another new skills and work together have incredible gifts. 

Just like you.

Whether it’s their property to run pipes through, their sweat equity or teaching skills these are gifts. Gifts from the people in the community for the people in the community. 

Each of us is a part of the whole.

It’s easy in life to swing to either end of the spectrum when faced with a problem, isn’t it? We tend to think we have either nothing to give towards the solution, or we rush in thinking we can solve everything.

Today, I was looking at our projections, at the distance we’ve come ($143 000) and the distance we have to go ($120 000). I’m left wondering where it was all going to come from before we broke ground in August. I don’t have an answer.

But I do know that if a visually impaired 75-year-old living in the KOTA Hills can come through in time with such an enormous gift, that I too can trust a bit in the process. The process of hundreds coming together and giving what they can so that many may have life, through water.

You are a part of this process: thank you.

Tarsis has chosen to partner with his fellow Ugandans so that they may work together to bring clean water to Kota.

His gift is critical, so too is yours. 

Thanks again for joining us. Visit the Jerry Can Project to learn more: 

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