Meet Juliet

Big things are happening in Kisabo Village!

We would really love for you to meet Juliet. 

At 14 years old, despite constant daily struggles, she has a BIG dream!! A dream that we can’t wait to see her achieve – and we bet you can’t either.

When I’m at school, I lack water for drinking and when I feel dizzy in class, I can’t study well. The water source is very far from school so when I could try to go and collect, I find others have proceeded long before me. So I request if there could be a good water tap near my school and home, this can help me study well and meet my dream!”

Alongside Patricia, Florence, and 120 families, Juliet lives in the village of Kisabo. Remember Kisabo? Because of the generosity of so many in our community, we were able to break ground there in February to build an extension for water to reach this village and school. Even as the country of Uganda battles the second wave of COVID, most of our Ugandan team is deep into it right this moment, extending our pipeline and building latrines for Nyamabaare Primary School. Clean water, hand-washing and proper sanitation remain the best defense, and our work is even more critical. Before the stringent lockdown, Athens shot a video – HERE (trust us, you’ll want to see this one).

Very soon the walk to fetch clean, disease-free water will be much shorter for this village and Juliet will have the tap and toilet needed to be well on her way to meeting her dream of studying without interruption.

This extension and these latrines are thanks to you saying yes to the opportunity before you and what a change it’s making for Juliet and others! 

Thanks for joining us in a better way to give clean water.

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