The Wonder of Frondinanta’s Water System

How a Sustainable Water System is Stopping Sickness.

About 6 months after people like you helped us turn on sustainable water taps in the Kicuzi region, Athens stopped in to see how things were going in this mountain side community. There, she ran into a woman named is Frodinanta who was eager to share her story. 

“I thank ACTS strongly for making wonders for me!” – Frodinanta

Frodinanta wanted to say, “Thank You” to you in her own words, so she created a video for you that you can watch HERE.

But this is more than just a nice story. When monitoring and evaluating the progress of this sustainable water system, we found that just six months later, instances of diarrhea have dropped over 58%! What an impact on water poverty in Uganda in just a short amount of time!

It’s amazing what can happen when we partner together to work towards a common goal. Lowering the percentage of disease and sickness in a community is really life-changing. Children no longer have to miss school because of waterborne illnesses like typhoid or cholera. Fears of medical bills or missed work are alleviated. When clean water becomes accessible, it gives people opportunity and hope for a fuller and healthier future.

“My children would feel sick and could not go a year without coughing every day. My children now live in peace and no longer feel sick.” – Frodinanta

We’re cheering Kicuzi onward – towards a future of thriving.

Thank you for helping bring clean water and life-change to women like Frodinanta!

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