Behind the Scenes

Live from Uganda

by Lisa Beiderwieden, Manager of Marketing & Operations

I met Valentine at a tap stand this past Monday visiting some of our older Gravity Flow Systems in Bwirambere (2017) and Bujaga (1989). 

As I bent down to turn the tap on, clean, clear water rushed out at my feet. 

It’s still flowing, after all these years. 

Valentine came up behind me with the hugest grin on his face. He began telling me how his community has improved since the water came: they aren’t sick week after week with Typhoid, aren’t wasting money on medication and time away from work and school. 

“Life is better now. I feel stronger. The water, I can’t describe it: it just tastes good!”

There’s so much perseverance and progress taking place in our projects right now – more than we even have words to share at the moment – but here’s a good start from Jeff – live from Uganda.

Thanks for helping keep the water flowing and smiles on faces like Valentine’s.

PS. It’s been a wild and unpredictable year in many ways, but thanks to the faithful support of this community, we’ve seen great growth, impact, and progress. Read all about it in our Annual Report as we celebrate our 50th year!

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