Letter from CEO Jeff Golby: We can make every drop count 

It may be a New Year, but we have so much to celebrate for what we accomplished last year!

A letter from the CEO

Hello and Happy 2020!

I hope the year has started off well for you and your loved ones.

I wanted to share for a brief moment about the Kogabi celebration that happened in December. There was so much going on that it may have been lost in the shuffle of the Christmas season, but it’s too important to fly over.

If you’ve been following our journey for a while now, you know that it wasn’t in our plan to do the Kogabi Water Project, not at this point at least. But this work requires us to be in a position where we can respond well to events and the recommendations of our local team. When we came to you with the new plan, your trust in this pivot was crucial for us to go ahead. Your support was a key part of why this project happened!

So this December, when the taps turned on in Kogabi, the celebration was indeed one that we all get to share.

Joyful young Ugandan boy transporting a water container atop his head

One of the stories that still stands out to me from that day was of 12 year old Lawrence who on the day the Taps turned on said, “I want to be a doctor after my studies. I want to thank Acts  for bringing clean and safe water to our school.. Surely my dream will come true because I have clean water at school and at home.”

The other story was of the mothers who were beaming with joy as they splashed water on their faces, pulled their kids into the little tap stand hut and posed, smiling for pictures. One mother named Agnes shared, “My children used to come home late from school to fetch water very late in the evenings, passing hills that were not safe for their lives but now they just fetch it in a 100 metre distance! Thank you Acts!”

As we launch the new year, and think about new ways of doing old things, I’ve thought deeply about the line “Together, we can make every drop count.”

We’re building our programs in Uganda around this philosophy – making sure clean water has its full potential, and we’re building our operations in Canada around it too – making sure we aim for every dollar yielding maximum impact.

You are a part of that phrase too, because your gift, whether it’s $10 a month or $10,000 a year counts deeply and I hope that we can continue to express our gratitude and enthusiasm for your partnership with us as we enter this new and exciting year.

On behalf of all the lives you’ve impacted in 2019 and the many you’ll help transform in 2020, thank you.

– Jeff Golby

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