Kota - ACTS for Water
    Kota - ACTS for Water

    Join us in giving 5786 children, women and men access to clean, safe water for life



    tap stands across 7 villages delivering 115 000 litres of water per day


    toilets at 3 schools to enable 652 kids to stay healthy and safe while learning


    months of intensive community training to help make sure the clean water you give stays clean

    Join with us in the most ambitious water project this community has ever undertaken.

    Your gift will help us end water poverty in Kota: forever

    bring a lifetime of clean safe water to one child in Kota for


    bring a lifetime of clean safe water to one family in Kota for



    Tap Stands

    Transform an entire community, school or church with the gift of a Tap Stand. From one tap will flow 6000 litres of water per day to over 300 people. Tap Stands are the heart of the community delivering water just steps from their homes. For $10,000 you can transform a school, church or village: forever.



    Clean water when combined with clean toilets at schools can dramatically improve the health, safety and education potential in a way that almost nothing else can. Their impact is incredible. For a gift of $10,000 you can transform a school forever by providing a Latrine Block which consists of 5 toilets to kids who otherwise would have none. Email us to learn more.

    When you sponsor a Tap Stand or Toilet we will provide you with regular updates, pictures and stories along the way. When the project is complete you’ll get a link to your tap stand on Google Maps to see exactly where your gift went.

    Project Timeline

    Delivering water to 5783 people takes time, especially when you consider the manual labour, community education, volunteer support and logistics required. Here’s what you can expect Acts for Water to do with your gift.

    Our community education team begins working with the community to: raise awareness about the project, meet with local leaders, begin our health and sanitation education and start recruiting over the 500 volunteers needed for the project.

    August to September 2019

    Shovels hit the ground and the project breaks ground!

    October 2019

    The reservoir is being constructed, trenches are getting dug across the Kota valley and the project is picking up steam.

    Meanwhile our latrine crew is busy starting to construct latrines at the two schools in Kota.

    October 2019 to January 2020

    Tap Stands are installed and the system is tested and commissioned! Kota now has clean, safe water! But our work isn’t done yet. The latrine crew is still hard at work as is our Community Education and training team.

    January to March 2020

    Latrines are done, the community education team has invested 12 months of intensive water, health and sanitation training into this community, along with the skills needed to care for the system for the long term.

    This work won’t happen without your support. Join us today on this exciting project and receive updates on the impact your gift is having.

    March to October 2020

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