Never The Same

Located far out in the Ugandan hills, Kicuzi once had little hope of ever having a clean water source. But now, they now have access to one of the most critical aspects of human life; clean, disease-free water!

Not only this, but their schools now have clean, private bathrooms, and the health of their families is increasing with hygiene and sanitation training. Their lives will never be the same because of generous people like you!

Read further to see the impact this community’s generosity has had walking alongside the Kicuzi region.

“I am so glad for all of you… who showed up… so that today we can witness a miracle.”

– Jeff Golby

17,000 people

over 1,500 households

86 tap stands

4 brake pressure tanks

3 water reservoirs

of households now get their water from safe sources!

Households that can collect water in under 30 minutes was increased from 43% to 94%.

Average water consumption increased from 12 litres of dirty water per person per day to 16 litres of clean water.

community in the project area is open defecation free!

The presence of handwashing facilities near latrines increased from 12% to 88%.

The practice of washing with soap increased from 7% to 91%.

Thanks to this project, Ugandans in the Kicuzi area save over 2 MILLION hours per year. That’s longer than Canada has been a country!

Households that have been able to meet their basic needs (food, water, clothing, and shelter) has increased from 17% to 97%.

Households earning less than 61 cents per day were reduced from 48% to 4%.

What’s really exciting is we saw a 72% increase in people earning between $6 a day to $12 a day.

But where we saw a huge impact was seeing 86% more people earned $2.5 to $6.20.

This is an indication of poverty alleviation!

“We have a problem with water. We walk long distances to retrieve it, our children get sick of worms, typhoid, and coughs because of it. When we heard of Acts coming to our area to give us clean water, we felt so happy and pleased. Thank you.”

~ Stellah, aged 38

“The stream that we collect water from contains feces and all sorts of rubbish — It’s contaminated! I am so glad to hear Acts for Water is working to come to our village to give us clean and safe water to our area. How I look forward to that because I know that water is life.”

~ Maria, aged 45

In my life, I have failed to fetch water and sometimes sleep hungry. I am a widow so I don’t have anyone to fetch water for me. When I heard a message that you want to bring clean water to us, I had to rush to come and meet the people who want to take away this burden from me.

Thank you very much!”

~ Frida, aged 60

Read the Kicuzi Project Book here.

We [over] Came Together

This radical act of love couldn’t have been possible without your support! We are truly grateful for your generosity, even through the pandemic. With people like you who are a part of our team, we have the potential do even greater things in the future!