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Water Connects Us All

1 in 4 Ugandans lack access to clean and safe water. It affects every aspect of their life.

But, $500 is all it takes to provide one family with clean water for life. 

So this season, we are looking for 50 people to lead generously through a unique initiative called the Jerry Can Project.

By joining us, we’ll give you a custom giving page, a jerry can and so much more so you can connect with your own community to raise money for families that desperately lack clean and safe water. Together, through the Jerry Can Project, we can create lasting change.

What does this mean for you?

Ambassadors will receive:

• A custom giving page where you can ask friends and family to contribute to the cause

• A Jerry Can to place outside your home or under your Christmas tree

• A framed photo of a family in the community & GPS coordinates of the Tapstand your gifts went towards

• Photos, and resources to share with your network, prizes and more

What does this mean for a family in Uganda?

Access to clean water can transform lives forever through:

• Women gaining back hours of their day no longer walking to and from the swamp.

• Providing access to education specifically for young girls, who now have safe latrines and water stations while at class.

• Reducing water borne diseases so families no longer spend their earnings on medication.

• Lifting communities out of water poverty forever.

Sign up HERE to be a part of the Jerry Can Project today. Please join us, the need for water connects us all.

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