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 37 Tap Stands Refurbished, increasing clean water coverage for 41,452 people.

103 new taps built, reducing waterborne disease and distance walked to collect water, as well as increasing time saved on water collection and income savings for 13,000 new people.

110 pour-flush toilets installed at schools increasing student enrollment for 4,000 students.

Household handwashing stations & latrines, improving hygiene behaviours of 4,405 people.

National Healthy Village Standards met for 18 villages, increasing the proportion of the population using safely managed sanitation and handwashing facility with soap.

Gravity Flow Systems Experts

Retrofits, Extensions & New Builds

Our team partners with Districts to build new GFS, extend existing systems, and retrofit those that have failed.

29 Gravity Flow Systems

257,925 Population Served

6,344,300 Litres of Water Flowing

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  • In our last project, the community went from 6% using soap to 90%, 12 months after the project ended.
  • At baseline, only 17% of households could meet their basic needs (water, food, shelter, clothing). At the end of the project, 97% of households reported that they could meet basic needs. Now 99% of households report being able to meet basic needs. This indicates that, due to this project, people are now better equipped to alleviate extreme poverty.
  • 97% of the houses now practice proper handwashing, have their own latrines and have a sanitary home environment.

Local Leaders, local buy in, local relationships. We’re ensuring that our legacy is something you can be proud of.

Community Ownership

The Gravity Flow Systems are built through the incredible effort of the community, the financial contribution of the government, and the oversight of our local team. Over 400 local community members come out to build a system.

Simultaneously, our team trains key people who will become system caretakers. Once complete, the system is handed over to a Central Water Committee which is an elected body that manages the system on their behalf. The community pays a small monthly fee into an account to pay their caretaker and cover any costs that may arise.


During COVID, so many of you helped bring clean water to the Kicuzi region and our team taught several communities how to make soap. This led to soap co-operatives being formed and soap products being sold at local trading centres.

Sylvia and her friends formed one of these co-ops, pooling resources and learning business fundamentals to expand their growth. They got creative and made labels, then they reinvested that money to start producing new product lines like Acts Jelly - a skincare product made from aloe. In just 12 months, those who invested in the co-op saw their revenue grow 17.8 times!

“I continue thanking ACTS for training us how to make soap and jelly. You have opened our eyes for future development because now we are able to provide our homes with needs because we sell soap and jelly and get money, we use it on our bodies and now we are shining! God bless you good future plan you brought to us!” - Sylvia

Sylvia holding her soap solution