How Your Generosity has Impacted Lives this Month

321 Thursday – How Your Generosity has Impacted Lives this Month

Though our days continue to be filled with uncertainty and change, it feels so good to have our team back in action and doing what they do best. That is, delivering water when it is needed most.

This return to action has been generously supported by you, our diverse and committed community. For that, we are truly grateful.

With that being said, it has been a busy month here at Acts for Water and we have so much to update you on. Here is your 3-2-1 email for October:

3 Updates:

  1. ?Protecting the source: Having recently broken ground in KOTA, our construction team is now working on fencing the source – where clean water flows from – to protect it. Fun Fact: our own construction team manufactures concrete poles on site to cut down the cost of supplier and transport burden.
  2. ? It’s bigger than soap: Remember when you helped us put together a soap making class in Uganda earlier in the year. Well, a brilliant side benefit to the soap making classes has been how it has empowered women to use it as a form of microfinance. Selling soap has afforded them an increase in financial independence – an initiative generously supported by you, our donor community.
  3. ?? Status in Uganda regarding Covid-19: The government of Uganda has approved student finalists (Grade 7) to resume their studies on Oct.15. The latrines you’ve helped us build along with the hand-washing stations and clean, disease-free water will be ready for them. Churches are also now permitted to have a maximum number of 70 people per service, which is great news!


  • “Together with my community, we want to thank Acts for Water for coming to our area and being with us as we break ground today. We will now have access to clean and safe water. That means we no longer have to share dirty water with the animals. I promise that we will keep it safe and use it appropriately with safe containers.”

– Erineo

  • “I thank Acts for Water for giving us access to clean and safe water. It will save us from expensive hospital bills. I feel so much happiness that I gave my land so that my fellow  community could have clean water. All these people here, they are witnessing the ground breaking of this kota project on my land! I feel so grateful for the journey Acts has started in my village!”

– Robert

1 Ask:

  1. In just a few weeks, we would be normally celebrating our Vancouver WaterBash; an evening of hope, community and partnership that brings water to those in need. This year – with no ‘Bash happening and an increased demand for our services – we are still in need of your support.

You can join the Jerry Can Project today and bring clean water to 1 or more families this Christmas. Or you can give now and have everything matched.

Visit for all the details.

Thanks as always for being a part of this community – the need for water connects us all.


PS Did you know that $500 is all it takes to provide one family with clean water for life? Join us through our Jerry Can Project and together we can create lasting change. Please join us, the need for water connects us all.

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