How Our Sustainable Water Systems Work

Sustainable Water Systems

Providing accessible and safe water to communities and countries in desperate need has been an ongoing process for many years. However, sustainable water supply hasn’t always been a major priority for clean water programs around the world. 

We know that our environment is rapidly changing, and it is on us to make sure that one duty doesn’t cancel out the other. We can do better and create a new way of giving water that works in the long run. That is why we came up with sustainable water systems at Acts For Water. 

For the past 30 years, we have been focused on building Gravity Flow water systems to achieve unprecedented sustainable results. 

Curious how they work? Read on… 

Step #1: Find a Source

The first step is to find a source. Once we have that source, clean water bubbles up from the ground and gets piped down to sedimentation tanks. The water from the sources collects there and stays untouched for about 20 minutes or so. During this time, all the tiny bits of grit and other particles sink to the bottom of the tank, leaving the top with clear, clean water.

Step #2: Reservoirs

This clean water goes through the sedimentation tanks to the reservoirs. The 25,000-litre reservoirs act as a reliable source of water, even during the dry seasons of the year. 

Once the water leaves the reservoir, it flows through pipes underground, called community branch lines, all across the region. At every 500 feet or so, we’ve installed tap stands that serve between a hundred to two hundred people daily.

Stages of Clean Water Supply in Uganda

Step #3: Set Up Tap Stands

We consult with people within their communities to decide where these tap stands should be placed. Based on the convenience of the Ugandan people, we walk together to the proposed tap stand area and install the taps. The Ugandan community is a critical part of the decision-making process, helping identify their own needs. 

When the Gravity Flow water system is up and running, our Ugandan team continues to personally work with schools and households within the community and empower them to take control of their hygiene and sanitation behaviours. 

Our sustainable systems not only provide clean and accessible water but also teach individuals how to be hygienic and stay safe. 

Our sustainable water supply projects have covered a large number of communities in Uganda, and we continue to work tirelessly to cover even more. Each community is different, which is why we’re constantly evolving our sustainable efforts and plans, and partnering up with local communities to ensure that the benefits are long-lasting. 

Here’s a map of our recent sustainable water programs within Uganda. If you’d like to learn more about each water project, feel free to check them out here

Project Inventory

If you’re invested in what we’re doing and want to make an impact, give the gift of clean water today. Together, we can overcome water poverty in Uganda. 

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