Meet Edwin

On World Water Day, we first introduced you to our 16-year-old friend Edwin from Kota. She and her parents, Tumwine Innocent & Medius Kasande, along with her 6 brothers and sisters, live high up in the hills of Kota. Life at 6,000 feet can be extreme in more ways that one. Their modest mud-built home sits on a clearing, cut into the side of the mountain, surrounded by banana trees and bean fields.

High up in the Hills of Kota lives Edwin

Much of Edwin’s day is spent making the long and isolated walk to fetch clean water, harvesting food for her family to eat, and looking after her siblings. Edwin’s family can’t afford to send her to school, but she would have little time for her studies even if her family could somehow find the money. But life for Edwin and her family is about to change.

On World Water Day we asked you to consider giving towards our ambitious goal of raising $10,000 so that we could put a Tap Stand right near Edwin’s house. In just a few short hours you helped raise the $10,000 – we were blown away!

Because of the generosity of the Acts Community on World Water Day, we’ll be able to install the Tap Stand! This means her youngest siblings will never have to know the grueling trek for water. It means her parents can spend more time working to provide for their children. It means the end of water poverty for Edwin’s family.

But, there’s still work to be done. Kota is our most comprehensive water project ever and there are hundreds more young girls like Edwin in this community, high up in the hills of Kota, who wake up each day and live in water poverty. Who walk too far everyday to get clean water.

Who spend too much time, including precious hours they should be in school, just to make sure their families have what they need to get through each day.

Please consider becoming a Monthly Donor to help continue to provide hope for people like Edwin and her family. It’s the most effective way to give. Together, we can help the kids like her in Kota change their future forever.

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